May 11, 2017

Master’s Message

Master’s Message May 2017


I would first like to thank all the Brethren that joined us on our April meetings.

Our first meeting of May will start with a proficiency examination on the EA degree for one of our brothers, and schedule a special for his Second Degree. Also, we will schedule a special meeting for an EA degree for our new member. Second meeting of May we will have a FC proficiency. Let’s all make sure to be there to give these Brothers our support! They have been working hard for it.

We are preparing for our fellow crafts to take the MM degree at Nevada Lodge in Nevadaville during the month of July. Information will be available after the May 17th Meeting. Our annual picnic is scheduled on June 17. Please come and join in unity with our brethren, their families and friends. This is an excellent event to introduce a prospective member to everyone.
Also, I would like to thank Brother Brad Star and Brother John Bendorf for presenting our Masonic Education during the meetings in April!

Second meeting of May will be busy as that is scheduled as a step-up night for our officers in addition to the examination on the FC degree and possible degree work. The step-up night will help our officers achieve the Honor Lodge Award this year as it is one of the requirements.
This year our lodge has been busy with degree work, new members and special events. Make sure you will not miss any of them.

On April 29, we participated in the Denver Open Doors program at the Temple Building. That program allows people to tour our building, which is designates as an Historical Building,
Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.


Alex Jobim
Worshipful Master 2017