May 11, 2017

Master’s Message

May will be a busy month as we will have an examination on the First Degree on May 2, 2018  and on the 16th of May a Second-Degree examination. Additionally, on the 16th of May we will examine two brothers on their Third-Degree proficiency. Also, we will put on the Second Degree for one brother during the month, however, the date is yet to be determined.

Unfortunately, we must also vote on the suspension of members who have failed to pay their dues for 2018. That vote will occur on May 16th. On April l-9th Oriental officers and members visited Denver Lodge #5. We had 7 members at the visitation and all enjoyed the meeting and program that evening.

We are planning to put on a Third Degree in Nevada Lodge #4 July 28,2018. That is always enjoyable and a very special and memorable experience for the recipients.

Oriental’s annual picnic is set for Saturday June 2nd or Sunday, June 3’d at Observatory Park. We will update you as more information becomes available.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the officers for their hard work and commitment to Oriental. The degree work has been exceptional and the lodge work including opening and closing has improved substantially. That only results from our officers’ commitments to learn the work and to the excellent manner in which they perform their duties.

I am proud to be Master of Oriental Lodge and to be able to work with such dedicated Masons. Congratulations, brethren!

Connie will not be able to prepare the dinner for the 16th of May as she will be in ltaly. Therefore, we will meet at Maggiano’s for dinner that evening at 6:30 PM. Each member will be responsible for paying for his own meal. As a result, Lodge will open at7:45 PM. that

Fraternally yours,
WB John Bendorf
Worshipful Master